• APRIL 30TH 2020

    Abstract (max 3000 characters, spaces included) submission deadline. The corresponding author during the submission of the abstract has to specify the desired type of presentation (oral or poster). Peer review of the abstracts.

Conference topics:

  1. COLOR AND MEASUREMENT / INSTRUMENTATION. Colorimetry, photometry and color atlas: method, theory and instrumentation; quality control and food coloring, dyes, organic and sustainable color.
  2. COLOR AND DIGITALIZATION. Reproduction, management, digital color correction, image processing, graphics, photography, printmaking and 3D print, video production, artificial vision, virtual reality.
  3. COLOR AND LIGHTING. Metamerism, color rendering, adaptation, color constancy, appearance, illusions, memory color, color in extra-atmospheric environments, lighting design, lighting technologies.
  4. COLOR AND PHYSIOLOGY. Mechanisms of vision in their experimental and theoretical aspects, deficiencies, abnormalities, clinical and biological aspects, synesthesia, health.
  5. COLOR AND PSYCHOLOGY. Phenomenology of color, perceptive, emotional and diagnostic aspects.
  6. COLOR AND PRODUCTION. Foods and beverages, agriculture, textile, plastics, ceramics, paints, gemology, food industry.
  7. COLOR AND RESTORATION. Archaeometry, painting materials, diagnostics and techniques of conservation, restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage.
  8. COLOR AND BUILT ENVIRONMENT. Urban planning, project of color, architecture, landscapes, coloring and architectural syntax, territorial identities.
  9. COLOR AND DESIGN. Furniture, design, fashion, textile, cosmetics, food design, museography.
  10. COLOR AND CULTURE. Art, history, philosophy, aesthetics, representation and design, ethno-anthropology, geology, sociology, lexicology, semantics, anthropology of vision, food culture and heritage.
  11. COLOR AND EDUCATION. Pedagogy, color’s didactics, aesthetic education.
  12. COLOR AND COMMUNICATION/MARKETING. Graphics, communication, packaging, lettering, exposure, advertising

Call for papers

Authors are invited to submit their papers only if they are really interested in participating in the conference. Papers sent by e-mail will not be accepted; for submission procedures use the online EasyChair system available at:

Papers may be sent in Italian or English. To submit a contribution you must first register on EasyChair to create an EasyChair account, or use the one you already have. Registration must be done only once. To register for the first time choose “Signup for an account” on the first page and follow the instructions. It is important to enter complete data and a valid e-mail address so that the organisers will be able to contact you. If you are already registered on EasyChair the acronym to enter the XVI Conferenza del Colore is 16CdC2020.

Please note that at least one of the authors of the accepted papers has to pay the conference fee by July 15th 2020, attend the conference and present the paper in the format (oral or poster) decided by the scientific committee. Each author and/or co-author of an accepted paper who wants to participate in the conference must pay the registration fee. Those who have not completed the registration and paid the conference fee will not be admitted to the conference. The final volume of the proceedings will be available online after two months from the conference.

Abstract submission: by April 30th 2020

For the abstract submission (Italian or English), you have to connect to the EasyChair system by entering the login and password obtained from the previous registration and choose from the top menu the entry “New Submission”:

  1. Fill in the authors data and indicate the “Corresponding Author” who will be contacted by the organisers;
  2. Enter the data about all the authors, the title, and the abstract (maximum 3000 characters, including spaces);
  3. Choose the topic of interest to which the paper will refer. Choose the theme in Italian if the final paper will be in Italian; choose the theme in English if the paper will be in English;
  4. Presentations can be oral or poster. The authors must indicate their preference (the ultimate decision will be up to the Scientific Committee);
  5. Enter at least three keywords related to your paper.

A confirmation email will be sent to the “corresponding author”. The organisers will communicate whether the summary has been accepted, in what form (oral or poster), and suggestions for the final drafting of the paper will be sent by May 24th 2020.

The abstracts of the accepted works will be available online during the days of the conference.

Paper submission: by July 15th 2020

The final paper must be uploaded on EasyChair as a .pdf file (A4 sheet, maximum 8 pages). Only the papers of the authors who will attend the conference will be published on the Conference Proceedings within 2 months from the end of the Conference.

Poster submission: by August 10th 2020

The final poster file must be sent as jpg o pdf file, with 150dpi or higher resolution, dimension 50x70cm, to the following mail: